Prayer for My family almost torn apart

dear lord please hear my prayer

My family is torn apart.
My children are all grown always fighting with one another they say terrible things about each other they go for months with out talking to each other .

I feel I have failed miserably as a parent. This holiday season it will be myself and husband only for the holidays because the are either mad at us or each other . We are not allowed to see our grandchildren from my middle son because he is mad at his dad because after 5 years of supporting him his wife and kids my husband asked them to leave our home.
my daughter allows us to see grandchildren only when she feels like it. My younger son is always taking sides with one of them and leaving the other behind. My life is not worth living in this manner. Please help me I am begging you lord help me.

Please grant that my family to be reunited find love and forgiveness . In you holy name blessed be I love you and thank you lord . You are my rock my strenth

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  1. Anonymous says:
    family torn apart

    I pray that God puts love and forgiveness in your children hearts and soul. I am going through this exact same thing and it’s killing me inside. Keep praying and keep your faith.

  2. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for family

    I feel for all who have families torn apart. I have one son who committed suicide and the age of 42, one daughter incarcerated and the grandchildren under the care of other family members. I still pray for support and guidance from our Lord everyday and hope He will answer and relieve this awful pain and feeling. God bless us all.

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