Prayer for My Family

by Noel Pinnock ()

Dear Lord,

I come together with the communal body of saints praying that my family, Tiffany, Noel and Nole will be able to stand still as you work through our lives both individually and collectively. We have all experienced a terrible blow last year and the wounds of the vehement attack in my character is still healing. As the sole bread winner for my family, I lost almost all our income and due to the pandemic, prospects have dried up. We have been living not pay check to paycheck but from Prayer to Prayer. I don’t know how You are doing it Holy and Heavenly Father but as our days are so shall our strength has been. Our son Noel (II) has. Been gross absorbed in the African practices of religion and hasn’t abandoned Jesus but has sought other remedies, as thought Jesus is a mere prophet. It’s not Islam but anything that has taken his focus off of Christ is a major blow to the structure we have helped build in his life. He blames me for everything and I just would like my son to know the love of Christ. He feels so disappointed and discouraged. He has all the things needed to advance his basketball effort but every coach we have encountered has been less than a father figure for him and some has belittled and stripped the hope that was planted in him away. Pray for him that he can finish school and play with a team that can elevate his basketball and business endeavors. He has a child our grandbaby and the mother is negatively responding to co-parenting and we are unable to see or pour into the life of our grandchildren. I have tried to be a good father to our children but this one has me attaching my head and burying my knees in prayer in the process. My wife doesn’t feel appreciated as much as she should. She has a feeling of being unfulfilled in her life and all i pray for her is to know that she has everything she needs to accomplish the plan and will of God over her life. She has lost a lot of her family and some of those wounds have not healed. Our daughter loves so freely but there are times she blames me for the dysfunction of our family. She is getting a little older and I just want to ensure she sees Godly example of the family. Last year someone told a horrible lie against me…it jeopardized everything and publicized a false narrative. My job prospects dried up and I am grateful to have a job making 59% than I did prior. I started real estate and am asking God to help us sustain and prosper in this new role as well as revamped my nonprofit that is purposed to help those like me who have suffered devastating blows by the media and other nefarious parties. My dad and mom are talking again but barely. Since their divorce, life hasn’t been the same. I don’t know what to do anymore yet I keep my hope and trust in Jesus. I am requesting that my brothers and sisters in Christ virtually yet spiritually wrap your arms of prayer around my family as we seek His guidance and counsel in our lives. I am asking this humbly….in Jesus name that my wife and children be made while even if I am not included.

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