Prayer for my Ex-Girlfriend

by Mario (New Jersey)

Lord please hear my prayer.

Lord I would like to make a special prayer for my ex who is having serious abuse problems with her husband. And even though me and her ended on bad terms I promised myself I would never stop loving her and always managed to be there for her when it was appropriate.

And now that she is going through this horrible experience I pray for you to help her lord. And even though a big part of me wants for her to end it and return to me because she deserves better and she was always treated how she needed to be treated with me. Lord forgive me for wanting that because I only mean it with good intentions and for what I think from the bottom of my heart Is right. Lord if I’m wrong please correct my selfishness.

And lord you know that all I want for her is to enjoy extreme happiness. And although she has her defects I still love her now how I always have loved her since the beginning. Lord if it is in your will please bring her back. Lord you know what is best and what ever decision you make is always right and I will follow.

Thank you father I love you with all my heart.

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