Prayer for my ex whom I stil love wit my soul.d

by B (Gauteng)

Dear god, I pray that You will grant me and my ex the opportunity to get back together, I knw he loves me, jst dat something keeping us away from each other. speak thru him, let him knw how much I love him and how much of a good woman I will be to him, he want a child from me and bcoz I’m sterilized I pray to God to bless me wit another child bt only after he marry’s me, I pray that You will bless him abundantly, his job, his family, for them to except me for who I am, to love me as their own, bless him in everything he does, keep him safe from all danger and harm, pleae protect him and his family from evil, friends dat don’t want to see us together,

Father I pray for a long and prosperious life wit him and our family.
Oh daddy I ask you in the name of God the father God the Son and God the holy gost. Amen.
You knw my heart daddy

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