Prayer for my ex partner and I to be reunited

by Mark (England)

Dear Lord and saviour,

I come before you now to ask for reconciliation and forgiveness.

My ex partner and I have been dating on and off over the last year – I ask that we will come together properly and fully to commit toward each other soon.

We have both done wrong and hurt each other, I ask for your and her forgiveness for my wrongdoings and I forgive her for any wrong she has done toward me.

She feels that she can not love me, more she sees me as a best friend, I pray please reach out and touch her heart, let her see me as a romantic partner and allow her to fall in love with me, as I am with her.

Please, I also ask that anyone reading this will also say a prayer foro our reunification.

I ask this through Jesus Christ who I accept as my personal Lord and Saviour.



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