Prayer for My Ex Boyfriend Who Feels Lost

by L (Stockton, CA)

Heavenly Father, I heard today my ex boyfriend is a completely different person. His own family does not know him or his behavior. I dont know if it is drugs he has fallen into or depression. Father I pray for your mercy, that you help him and he finds you.

I pray for his health and well being. He finally has seen a mental health doctor and I pray this will aid him. He was abused emotionally and mentally as a child, growing into his teen age years. He was lost as a kid and never recieved help to cope and understand that he didnt deserve to be treated that way.

Now it has affected him at 28 yrs old. He’s lost 60 lbs, the last 10 days has not left the house, drove, barely eats and has a blank stare. Sits in the dark and says nothing to no one, barely. They say his behavior is childlike, he’ll do whatever you tell him. It’s devastating to hear this and I dont know if there is anything I can do.

I pray you reach out to him father because he once knew you. I know he has to want to accept you but I pray he sees your love. Your loyalty to us and your undying love. I pray for his safety Father. In Jesus name, Amen.