Prayer for my ex boyfriend to come back to me

by Cg (Ma)

Dear Lord,

My ex boyfriend of 13years and I just separated in Nov due to the fact that I found out he was cheating on me… I am devastated he basically has cut off contact with me after telling me he has some problems to work on with no explanations….

He sent me a text saying I never said I don’t miss you or love you 2days after I found out A couple days before Christmas during one phone call he did pick up he said, “I will always love you.” I asked him if he is seeing this other girl he said not really. But I think he is as it is all new.

And he has cut all contact with me…. I love him from my heart and soul and miss him terribly… I am willing to forgive but need Gods help to help him fund his way back to me…

We have loved each other for 13years and ironically this past year was a really really good year so this has shocked me beyond belief.

Please God help him to find his way back to me so that we can work this out. Everyone else would say I am crazy to even think of taking him back but I truly love him and want to forgive and fix what went wrong….

Please pray for us to find our way through all this together to come out of this with an even stronger love and appreciation of each other…….Thank you.

He is very stubborn and maybe feeling guilty. So he stopped all contact and probably still with this new girl.

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  1. I want my ex boyfriend to come back to me with our son.

    DEAR Lord my god. I am your daughter asking for help, my boyfriend finished me almost 2 months of some reasons, I have one child from him and he promised me to married me but he just suddenly left me. Lord my God, I need him to come back to my life, I loved him very much Lord, I need to stay with him and my son, and I will changed myself if there is something he didn’t like. And I will show him that how I am good to him. Dear my god he is good, and I ask forgiveness everything that im done wrong to him. Give me one last chance to come back to me and to be together again my GOD. Heavenly father hear My voice Lord. Everyday I’m sad, everyday im thinking of him my god father, I cannot sleep my mind always to him….
    Please lord open his heart again to me and let him come back to me for one last chance my father god…Father god, I wish from this time that I send to you my prayer for help, he will call me or he will send message to me very soon because I miss him very much my father GOD..THANK YOU MY FATHER GOD. I love you, Amen

  2. Broken pieces

    God please hear me today that me and my ex girlfriend would reunite again cuz I love her so much…so please God hear my prayer thank you Lord



  4. broken

    Please lord I love him so much & he loves me too but he don’t want me back I miss him so much please i beg of you to bring him back to me I can’t live without him lord I love him so much

  5. left alone in the dark with 2 small children

    I left my children’s dad two years ago. My daughter was 3yrs old, my son was 1yr old. I have no families around to help me, I’m all by myself with my daughter. My ex had taken my son away and wouldn’t give him back. I used up all the money I have to pay for a lawyer to help me get my son back. My water was disconnected bcoz I couldn’t pay it. I was more worried about getting my son back asap. I finally got him back. I work so hard to make end meets. Just lately I had been communicating well with him. For the first time since we had broken up, he came and spend the night with us. It seems so unreal. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I saw how happy both my children are to see both parents together again.. I don’t wanna hurt my children nor make them suffer. I want them to be happy and for them, having daddy back is the best thing ever. Please pray for me & my children

  6. very hurt and sad.......

    Boyfriend left me after 25 years.. very unexpected. I am devastated so hurt talk to him all the time. left me for another girl he knew from high school. He moved to another state with her… Tells me secretely he is coming back to me in 1-2 months? Other then that he always has to talk in front of her. She does not trust him..I am so hurtttttttt – cannot get over this hurt. We have a very long history I did everything for this man I mean everything. I know he still loves me. There is a lot more to it but basically he puts all the demands on me… I am praying to stay strong and praying he will come back to me ASAP… Please pray thank you all so very much

  7. to be or not to be

    Please GOD. Give me some directions! I am Lost, Alone, Torn apart, depressed, sorrow, sad, tears won’t stop. God if it is in your will, please heal me! Let my love come back to me. Please give me clarity on this relationship, is it meant to be or not! Thank you. Amen.

  8. Forgiveness

    I dd sumthng terrible 2 ma bf.i post his pic evrywhr saying he is a player n he found da is me.he dump me.n nw i regret 4 wat iv dne 2 hm.i wnt hm bk

  9. i miss him

    i was dating him for a year and he just decided that he is just gonna leave me just like this i feel like i cant do anything without him i mean he cant just trow a whole year away,please pray for him to come back to me he is confused

  10. Prayer for my ex boyfriend to love me again and want to be with me

    dear heavenly father,

    i ask you to bless myself, and the man i love. help him on the path of good. show him that i am who he truely desires, not just as a lover but as a woman who he never wants to be without. lord i pray that you show him who he truely and whole heartedly loves and that the one who wants to love him and be loved by him as much as i love him is me. heavenly father i know that all of my thoughts and wants and desires cannot be hidden from thee, and i know i have thought and done many horrible things. i ask for your forgiveness and to be inveloped in your loving arms. lord above please hear and answer my prayer. i love you, your my savior and i know you died for me to live. please show Rio Hook that i am his true and honest love. please i dont want to be with anyone else for the rest of my life here on earth. i love you god with all my heart.


  11. mend our relationship thru prayer and God.

    My boyfriend or just recent exboyfried wants to ” find himself”. I know that he loves me. He tells me that isn’t the problem. He says that he needs to get to know himself all over again. He also says that I didn’t appreciate him. Except that I did and do. He has psychiatric problems that I have learned to deal with and accept. We have been been together for almost five years and we were engaged. I believe that God brought us together we saved eachothers life physically and thru God. I really want to work things out between us. So I ask for a prayer for our relationship to mend.

  12. prayer for ex boyfriend to come back

    my ex partner and i had been dating for almost two years, and we are both christian, very involved with our youth and we were hapilly in love until my partners ex girlfriend from a previous relationship returned in his life. she was his first love and everything, but he eventually got over her and we were happy. he broke up with me because he fell in love with her again, and she is leading him on. i know that they would not date because she has a very strict family who wouldnt allow it, but it hurts because i know if he can drop me for something that would never happen so quickly then i dont know how much our relationship was worth in the first place. i pray, fast, and beg God to tell me what to do about it, and God continues to tell me to stick with him, even though he pushes me away more everytime i approach my ex. is it worth fighting for even when i know the Lord wants me to? im really confused and the hurt keeps getting worse, its been two months already. pray for me that the Lord gives him wisdom, to see whats right and whats wrong, and i beg the Lord to bring us across each others paths in love for only each other again soon. Amen

  13. My friend come back to me

    Hi my name is diksha, I have a prayer request for my friend Mahesh, he is my childhood friend, he had support me a lot, but because of some misunderstanding he doesn’t want talk, now he doesnt feel respect for me either.. He had cheated with me, I had done so many things for him, always understand him, but he thinks that he always right, he is very rude… But still i know that he is a good person, pls pray that he understand me and respect my feelings, and come back to me with humble heart.. And understand Christianity… So I can guide him through our Christianity.

  14. How i get my ex back

    For those who really want to get their ex back and serious about it should search for the bellow name on google search and contact him for help, as soon as you search for his name you will see his site click on the first page. the name is
    Priest tokubo

  15. pls Lord

    Please Lord let me and F make it work ๐Ÿ™๐ŸฟI am sorry for what I done. please lord ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟplease answer my prayer

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