Prayer for My Ex Boyfriend to Come Back for Me

by Chloe (Palawan)

Dear St. Jude,

I pray for your help to please come back the one I love so much with all my heart and bring back his love for me, I loss him and it was my fault. I hurt him so much when we’re arguing I didn’t give him a chance to understand him then it was too late I broke up with him, the time he’s gone I realized how much I love him and I’ve never tell how much my love for him.

I know when we’re together he truly in love with me. Now he is with someone else, I know I don’t have a right to pray to come back his love for me because it was my fault I loss him. Please give me a chance to love him again, I will promise to love him with all my heart, I will change my self for him, I will be a good girl for him, I want to love him and take care of him for the rest of my life I will promise I never hurt him again, I will be a good woman for him.

I will promise to do everything for his love and I pray to blessed me to do everything is good. I will promise that I change myself for him and I will do to have a good heart. Thank you.