Prayer for my ex boyfriend back

Dear Lord God and Heavenly Father

Please help me, I have been praying so hard for this. I know that I was horrible and messed up so badly with my ex boyfriend and cheated and disregarded him towards the end. please forgive me for all of my sins and all of the things I did without regard.

I love this man so much, it’s been over a year and have realized so many things, how immature I was and how much I truly love and care for this man.

Please grant me one last opportunity and chance with him and bring us back together and have us date eachother again now and eventually get married and have children and build a life together. I promise you I will work on our relationship everyday show him my love everyday and appreciate him in every situation. Lord I pray so hard and will continue praying.

Please, please Lord God and Heavenly Father bring him back to me and reconcile our relationship and have us date eachother marry eachother and have children together.

Please dear Lord God and Heavenly Father hear and answer my prayer.

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