Prayer for my ex boyfriend and unborn son

Dear Lord, I humbly come before you asking that you may give me strength and peace that comes from above. Jesus my baby and I will need you and I almost feel hopeless and I have only you to turn to. Lord you know how his father has declared his hatred for me but wants a relationship with the child after he is born. Jesus I pray for wisdom and guidance in this situation. Guide me on how to handle the situation in a mature fashion that will guarantee a greater good for everyone. More than anything Lord plant a seed of strength and forgiveness in my heart and continually water those desires each new day. I pray for my ex boyfriend Lord, I pray that you may soften his heart Lord and guide him and also teach him how to forgive and to let go Jesus. I pray that your will may be done Lord and I pray that you may help me to see things more clearly and be understanding in this situation. May Psalms 30:5 manifest upon my life, that Lord, though the weeping may endure for the night, joy WILL come in the morning. My desire is to have a functioning family, but Jesus if your will is not for me and him to get back together, help me do without him.

I pray all this in Jesus mighty name.

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