Prayer for My Eternal Protection and Hope

Dear Lord, Each day I pray to you for protection from evil and hopelessness.

I pray to find a church where I will feel more connected and happier although I am attending one near my home, it does not give me complete happiness. I enjoy the singing and worship, but, I do not know many there and I do not know my pastor. So I need more guidance in finding one to settle in. I pray each day you continue protecting me from very bad news and from the terrible mistakes I made last year. I pray I can move on with my life without fear. I pray I can look forward to retirement and seeing my daughter regain custody of her son. I pray I will remarry and hopefully to the one I have recently met.

I pray that all my loved ones, friends and family remain safe, healthy and happy, as well as, financially sound. I pray my daughter can move up in her job or find a much better one so she can support her son and be able to take care of herself and him and to find someone who can help her financially and be good to her and be good himself. I hope she will get married someday and be able to have another child. I pray my son and his wife can also have another child or so who are all healthy. I do not ask for much except to be happy, healthy and financially secure. For I ask all this in your holy name. AMEN

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