Prayer for my Dreams to Happen

by Patrick (Van Nuys, CA)

Dear St. Jude, I pray to come out of this darkness I’ve been experiencing. I take ownership and responsibilities for my mistakes, misjudgment and fears that led me this wrong path, but I pray you lead me out of this miserable consequence and into a better life in which I’m not encumbered by fear, insecurities and financial mess. Please save me once more so if this is my final chapter, it can be with dignity in the light rather than shame in the darkness. St. Jude, I pray to you for hope and resolution from a difficult life. All I’ve done have been for the pursuit of my dreams to tell my family’s story in film, so that often led me the wrong way or fanciful, romantic notions rather than practical decisions. Yes I made a fine mess of my life and I’m filled with regrets for focusing on my dreams rather than on relationships, but please allow me one more chance to fulfill my dreams before I go. Amen