Prayer for My Dog to be Healed

by June (Chambersburg, PA)

Please pray for my sick dog. She went to the vet this afternoon and I just got the prognosis. Vet said there is very invasive tumor in her neck, so surgery to remove is not an option. Said there really is nothing that they can do. Gave her some fluids and meds to increase her appetite. Said it would take a miracle for her to make it.

Well, we serve a God that is in the miracle business. He is the greatest vet in the universe and he is able to heal my dog, who he created and said “she was good”. Please continue to pray that all sickness, disease, and tumors be removed from Kenna and anything that God has not planted in her be rooted out and that she will have a long, healthy, and happy life! I don’t have any children and don’t want to lose her.

Also, please pray that I keep my eyes focused on HIM and that I don’t start to believe and agree with the lies of the evil one. Praise be to God who can do infinitely beyond anything we can imagine. Thanks and God Bless!