Prayer for my Distressed Boyfriend

by Deborah (Abuja, Nigeria)

We have been steady for 2 years and it has been a great relationship.

About 8 days ago, my boyfriend encountered some challenges at his office, he has told me he is facing some challenges but has refused to share them with me, he has asked me to give him time to think and pray for guidance and he says he does not want to bother me about the situation but we will discuss it after he has dealt with it.

I have been so worried and i have guessed all that could go wrong to make him withdraw, i know he does not want me to see him this weak. But my prayer is i will ike for God to give him Godly wisdom like that of Solomon, that the challenge will draw hi closer to God that the challenge will drive him into Gods plan for his life and that this challenge will bring Glory to Gods name.

I also will like God to comfort him as i feel like i am not there for him at a time he needs me the most even though i have been praying and fasting for him and that God should affirm my love for my boyfriend in this time of challenge because i am not too sure if when he says let me be alone, he would want me to press an due around him and he might read my staying away as uncaring as i decided to just obey and stay away and not call him but just send encouraging text messages to him. we have never gone through anything like this and so i am not too sure how to and what to do.

I also need prayers that God will give me the wisdom on how to handle the situation as i feel hurt that he does not want to share this burden with me.

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