Prayer for my difficult life and the challenges I have faced

by Luke (Moon Twp Pa)

I am praying for miracles and blessings bestowed upon me in my very hard time. I’m struggling financially and my rent is due this Friday, and scared I’m not going to have it on time. I have a landscaping job possible, and pray for it to be granted to me.

In the past I lost my place, business, my car, and my hard worked money. This past Monday I bought a used car, and it took three years to get it. I have went through so much hell and pain. I’m suffering today and the debt collectors keep harassing me.

I have debt and hope this landscaping job is a blessing to me to help eliminated debt and moved forward in my life. I’m so scared to loose another thing I worked for and feeling sad and hopeless. I don’t want to be stressed and overwhelmed, and Need a huge blessing to make me feel so much better.

I ask for comfort for the lord. I pray for. Good job and a healthy relationship with my girlfriend. I suffer from a broken heart and want to feel full inside with Gods love. I need so much help and scared to loose my current job. I want peace also in my life.

Please pray for many blessings and miracles to touch my life in a big way, so I feel gods has answered my prayers.

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