Prayer for My Deliverance from Addiction

By Gods grace and mercy, I have been delivered from an addiction that I struggled with for over 30 years.

Whatever your addiction is…..drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc. NEVER doubt that if you ask God for deliverance, He will deliver you.
I had reached the point of being sick and tired of the struggle and cried out to God for help.
New Years eve, I attended church and the pastor called everyone struggling with something to come to the front of the church, ask for deliverance, and leave it there.

The NEXT DAY, I had NO DESIRE to fall back into the addiction, and I havent since. God truly heard my prayer and delivered me.
I have also been searching for a new job, and God gave me a new job as well to start ou the new years.

All praise, glory and honor to God, my father in heaven for his mercy, guidence, deliverance, and protection.