Prayer for my Dear sister…

by Earline (Detroit)

Dear Lord I pray tonight for the love of my sister. I pray that you lord and only you can remove this man out of her life. That’s been nothing but toxic wasted in her life Lord, I pray you be her strength and that its you when she wake and when she sleep that she seeks. I ask that you heal her breaking heart and protect from this man that she think that is love. I ask that you wrap your loving arms around her dear Lord. I ask that you give her peace of mind.I rebuke in the name of JESUS any evil,depressing,negative thoughts that try to take control over her mind that you remove them.I pray that she don’t allow her emotions take control of her and that she learn to correct them. I pray that she doesn’t put a question-mark where you put a period Dear Lord. And must of all dear lord i pray that she goes back to her first love which is you. For you can never fail her and bring pain like this toxic man his and JESUS name AMEN.

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