Prayer for my dear friend

by Stephen ()

Dear Lord, please hear my prayer for the life partner you blessed me with. It took a tragedy for me to realize that she was the one you have chosen for me, and for a year since then our life together has been warm and loving. Yet, in the past 9 months, she has become cold towards me, unloving, hurtful, and it is destroying my heart day by day, piece by piece.

I pray that you can help her restore the love in her heart and mind she once felt for me, that she can overcome fears of commitment, and that she can open her heart and mind to me so that I may both give, and receive, love. I know that when were are both together and happy, we are better people.

I fear that without her love I will fall back into the depths of depression I have suffered for many many years, and that scares me, because that is when Satan will try and take hold of me.

Please provide me with the courage to speak and listen to Jenny, and the wisdom to know when the right time is to talk, and the wisdom to say the right things. Thank you for hearing this prayer dear Father, please help me. In the name of your son Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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