Prayer for My Daughter’s Success

by Dl (Tx)

Dear Lord

I pray for my daughter, she has been going through so many things this month. She must pass these tests coming up in order to keep her job. She has her department heads on her about the kids and now people are talking about her behind her back.

Please help her focus and recall all the knowledge needed for her tests. Let her find a way to reach the children and let them learn from her in every way. Let the people that have started these rumors be stopped in their tracks in every way. Please give her the strength and knowledge to teach and coach.

Let her retain all that she has learned and pass these tests before her. Let her find the time to study with her busy schedule. Please send her peace and guide her through these troubled times. I plead the blood of Jesus over her and her mind.

I ask the Angels of heaven to protect her at all times. Foil the traps set before her. I ask all in the Name of Jesus. Amen