Prayer for my daughter’s relationship with her husband and also with me

by Marie Leahy (Illinois)

My daughter and her husband up and moved out of the country a year ago. Now, two weeks ago, she told me that she wants a divorce from her husband. She has made friends with a girl that she works with. Apparently, this girl is influencing this decision by telling my daughter how horribly her husband treats her.

Her husband is devastated and wants to win her back, but she has apparently closed her heart and mind to him. When I tried to talk to her and question what is going on, she shut down on me and told me I have not been supportive of her for a long time. This other girl’s family apparently told her that they would be her new family and are welcoming her with open arms, unlike me. This is so hurtful. I ask God to open my daughter’s heart and mind once again so that she can make a true determination of what to do in her marriage without undue influence from another.

I don’t know if she has prayed about any if this at all. I ask for her heart and mind to be opened to me. This rift between us hurts so badly.

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