Prayer for My Daughter’s Heavy Burden

by Cynthia (Selangor Malaysia)

Lord God I am so desprate. Help my daughter to overcome this great burden she is carrying. She cannot accept this and thinks that you have handed this to her and has therefore lead her not to believe in you.

Show her your greatness Lord that everything is possible and answer all our prayers for her as she struggle with her sexual orientation. She herself refuse to have this feeling and is struggling to supress this . Answer her lord that she will be a normal girl. Cure her Lord . As a mother I am so desprate that I too do not know what else to do. At times I just fel like giving up and am going thru a depression because of this.

Help my daughter Lord our God , help us we turn to you and cry for your help . I ask all this in the name of your son our Lord jesus Christ. Amen