Prayer For My Daughter’s Change of Behavior

by Helen (Gold Coast, Australia)

St Jude I pray to you now with a heavy heart and beg for your miraculous intercession with my daughter. Her boyfriend is rude, disrespectful and selfish, and he and his family are doing their best to turn her away from us.

She has given up an international soccer scholarship because he did not want her to leave our hometown, and now I am so fearful that she will turn her back on our family in order to be with him and his family.

She has always been a beautiful, loving and giving girl, but now she lies to us constantly, is disrespectful, and sadly has all but broken ties with her twin sister under the influence of her boyfriend.

Please, please St Jude hear my fervent prayer, and come to a mother’s desperate aid. I just don’t know what to do.
Thank you most wonderful St Jude.

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