Prayer for my Daughter

by Mary Ann (USA)

Please pray for my daughter. She is a girl who grew up loving Jesus and living a pious life where she even thought about joining a convent, but got in the grip of Satan and has turned the other way, got into witchcraft, promiscuity/ lustful activities, obscene/foul language/offending her physical body and living an unholy, chaste life and has also stopped going to church and being with her family. She is in the midst of demonic activity and needs our help!!

I ask for your prayers in #1 a conversion of her heart back to Jesus and all those beautiful beings in heaven and hear on earth through Christ’s Church, such as the Sacraments #2 getting her out of the current unholy relationship that she is in #3 for her wanting to get back into college and finish up a skill for her future.
. Thank you! I do believe in the power of prayer!