Prayer for my Daughter

Dearest Lord

I pray that you will enter the heart on my daughter and lead her to your arms. I pray lord that you show her where she is going wrong and bring her back into your loving care. Keep her away from negative thoughts and actions. Stop her from lying, and sneaking around to engage in actions that are destroying her.

Dear lord please stop my daughter from cutting herself whenever she is sad and depressed. Let her know that you gave her a beautiful body to serve you and what she is doing to and with her body is wrong. Lord I beg of you to let my baby girl know that she is loved by you and many others and she does not need to go out of her way to hurt herself.

Teach her to seek out positive things in her life, and to focus on her school work, her health and her family who truly love her and are grieved by her actions. Lord let her know that she can come to you at any time and you will lovingly embrace her. Dearest God teach my daughter to see the blessings she has in her life.

Heal her and heal our family.

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