Prayer for my daughter

by Lizzy (Sydney Australia)

I hope and I wish that my daughter who used to have boyfriends now with a girlfriend realise that her parents are hurting inside I wish miracle will happen and she will be back to her old self, the girl that We know. As a mother I was really surprise and did not see this problem coming and affected now my relationship with her , I don’t talk to her as much as I do I kept my distance just because I don’t want to hurt her feelings if I say again something that I know will hurt her , she’d doesn’t live with us anymore because of constant heated arguments but visits from time to time, I want her totally back to us and want her to drop that girl that wreck our family apart I do love her I just wish that girl will leave her alone I don’t even know who is the. Female and male in their relationship all I know is that they could be both bisexual

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