Prayer for my daughter

by Gayle (Detroit, Michigan)

Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Jude,

Please hear my prayer for my daughter. She is hurting so much due to losing the love of her life. He is removing himself from her life. And she needs his emotional support in his life. Please enlighten him with your holy spirit with the knowledge of his caring for her. Rekindle in him the feelings of desire for her. She is in desperate need to him in her life due to her circumstances known only to you. I ask this as a prayerful and loving mother who wants the love of a good man for her daughter to be with her through the joys and sorrows of life. I see in this young man the character needed to be her partner and help guide her through life. I know that there are many others who need your blessings with far greater needs, but my daughter also needs your intercession as her needs are known only to you as you are her creator. Please enlighten this young man to be life partner and keep him in a loving relationship with her. I ask this thru St. Jude, the patron of those lost items, both material and emotional. Please help her St. Jude. Please help her Dear Jesus and Mary…..

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