Prayer for my daughter

Please pray with me for my daughter and all others who are addicted to all forms of opiates. My daughter is 24 years old and has been in a so called recovery for about a year. I’m wondering now if she really ever bought into the program. She connected with a boy while in treatment who has been her downfall. He has become increasingly controlling and abusive. My daughters world revolves around him now. She doesn’t listen to anyone but him. I feel as if I have lost her. I believe her strange behavior and lack of feeling for everyone is because she is back to using. I pray that she will wake up to what she is doing to herself. I will pray for him as well. My heart is broken! I believe in the power of prayer and especially mass prayer. Lets pray together for our addicted loved ones so that they may awaken to their true nature and become willing to save themselves from self destruction.

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  1. Praying with you

    I am also praying for my brother who is addicted to opiates. It is heartbreaking to see someone’s life completely consumed by pills. I pray for the healing of my brother, your daughter and anyone else battling this horrible life style.

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