Prayer for my daughter to find peace in her heart

by Yvette (Australia)

I pray for my daughter to find peace in her heart, she was in a very bad car accident a few years back, her friend died in this accident.She blames God for not being there and saving her friends life. Since then she has no time for God in her life. She turns to alcohol to take away her worries.

She is in her 30’s and I pray she will find a nice young man blessed by God , who will make her happy and be her soul mate, someone who she will love and who will love her. Someone who will bring her back to God and her Catholic background. Someone she will have children with.

I am very worried as she is a very nice young lady, she has a very good job and is very happy in her work, but the slightest bit of stress seems to make her very depressed and thinks alcohol is the answer.

St Jude I beg of you to take pity on a mothers heartfelt request and help my daughter to get over this feeling of hopelessness, and the feeling that Alcohol will solve her problems. Please dear st Jude. I feel she just locks her feeling up , what she does not understand is alcohol is only a temporary solution. Having Peace and Love and Jesus in her life is such a beautiful experience.

I pray that you dear St. Jude with take my prayers to Jesus and the blessed mother and help my daughter, to give up this bad habit which is becoming an addiction.

I know that you will answer my prayers, and promise to let others know how great our God is. Thank you.

A Desperate Mother.

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