Prayer for my daughter Kriselda to come back home

by Lyssa (Philippine)

Dear God,

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, may I seek your kind assistance that my daughter Kriselda Ailisse will come back home. As of today, 3 November 2017, two (2) weeks from then, we haven’t seen her, nor here any news of her whereabouts. We texted her, but she never reply with our text messages.

Lord God, touch her inner well-being, her heart that she may be in the right path. Guide her and show the way that she will call us or communicate with us. Her family is worried, especially me, as her Mommy and her siblings. Wherever she is right now, please Lord God, show her the way in going back home.

Protect my daughter from all danger, Lord, and I prayed that she may finish her studies first before going into marriage, since she has a boyfriend, in which I haven’t seen him yet. If ever that they are together right now, please Lord, I beg, protect them both, and let them know we care for them, and to see us soon. I ask these, in Jesus Christ name, our Lord, AMEN.