Prayer for my daughter and myself

by Lisa ()

Please pray for my daughter and also for the relationship which we have begun to develop to some degree to become stronger. She is 21 years old and I had to give her up as an infant for adoption because of different circumstances at the time. We have been reconnected to some degree sin she turned 12 years old, though the return communication from her can be a bit sporadic at times but she always tells me that it’s not anything that I have done but just her being busy and forget to check her messages at times and such and part of it is probably due to her being young and the fact she was not raised by me as well. Also in an effort to become more independent as a young adult/ young woman now she recently informed me she was planning by end of January/ beginning of February to move out of her adoptive parents house and in with her boyfriend at his house in a different town because they felt/ believed it’s best for them and she also would not have to travel back and forth on weekends to spend time with him and he offered to let her stay rent free , though she did say she planned to help out financially as able each month. I’m concerned about her in this because although I am pretty certain she’s a believer and her faith has seemed to be quite strong generally and she has always shown a high level of maturity for her age,I don’t want to see her repeat the same mistakes that I made even though the situation was a bit different. She is my daughter,my child, and,of course I will love her and be there for her to the best of my ability no matter what but I am definitely concerned that she could be making or have made a decision which potentially might not be the best or wisest in this case although I can understand her reasoning and intentions. Please keep her and myself in prayer. Her name is Grace Hannah.

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