Prayer for My Daughter and I To Find a Home

by Donna (Washington, DC)

Lord, I am in a situation that only you can help me with. I pray that you allow me and my daughter to find a place to move during my search this weekend…a place that is safe a affordable for me an my daughter. I was stupid and got evicted from my home and now I am homeless.

I should have asked for help from my family but because of my pride, I tried to handle it on my own. Now that I have allowed this to happen, I was turned down for a place. Maybe it was not the place you wanted us to be. So, I am leaving it up to you. Lord, please hear my prayer and allow me to start over, become successful in my career and able to pay all my debts.

I feel hopeful Lord, and I know that you have a plan for me. I know that life will get better. I pray your plan for hope starts today. In Jesus name I pray…Amen.