Prayer for my daughter

by Shirley H ()

Asking for the Lord to come into my daughters life. Our family recently at the beginning of this year found out she was robbed of her innocence at the age of 5. As a young teen she was abused again by teen boys resulting in another horrific experience. She kept her shame bottled up for 26 years. During this difficult time she became addicted to marijuana and adderall prescribed by her doctor to help her to stay focused. Over the years she has smoked pot and she used tarot cards to deal with her pain. She met a childhood sweetheart and was married and they have a beautiful sweet 2 year old boy. When we found she was molested, our family put her through a sexual trauma treatment center to help her. She left with no remorse and much hatred and turned back to her “addict” friends. She destroyed our trust and she became paranoid and wants out of the marriage. I pray for her husband and their child to continue to move forward and to not feel the pain they have endured. My daughter has destroyed a very loving and sacred relationship. I pray she opens her eyes up to Jesus. I pray she can heal from her painful past and the shame and guilt she has endured. I pray she asks for forgiveness with her husband. I ask that her husband can forgive her. He is burdened with hurt, sadness, anger and much confusion. I ask they we pray for this young family and that God protects each and every one of them. She needs you Lord God.

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