Prayer For My Dad’s Cancer To Go Into Remission

by Lisa (King George, Virginia, USA)

Almighty Father,

I fully believe in the power of prayer. My dad was diagnosed with AML-6 almost a year and a half ago. We are so incredibly grateful for the extra time you’ve given us with him. We have been praying along the way and I really believe that is what has gotten him this far.

Please Heavenly Father continue to help him in his battle. We have all been praying for a miracle and for his Cancer to go into remission. He has kept a wonderfully positive attitude during his illness which has touched so many – not only his doctors and nurses but other patients he has met along the way.

If he were to go into remission, he would be able to go back to church. Our priest has been making visits to my parents house for Holy Communion but he would really love to be back at church in your house where he can continue to be your faithful servant.

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