Prayer for my daddy who is sick and I am unemployed difficult times

by Di Ay (Germany)

Dear all,

Past 6 month ago dad got a strokes.he hardly remember,walk,talk,he used to be an alcoholic,he must stay in germany as he has no healthinsurance in turkey,he cries now .I’m upset I don’t have the money to look after him in turkey I lost my job.for 8 months in hospitals,we lost financial everything,we r selling the house in turkey ,my brother is also unemployed,we want to make a wedding we can’t ,so I don’t get it ,why can’t be happy. As anyone,when I was young,late 20 s we had my dads drinking and abuse,but I never lost the hope,nowadays I am feeling down,hopeless,I need a miracle ,I believe in god but I can’t take the depression of my family ,please pray for me I get a job,I stay healthy,i be happy in love have a kid and dad sees before he dies.let us sell the house if it is really ment to be
Let god give me stregth hope power balance ,love and forgiveness

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