Prayer for My Cousin to Have a Baby

by B (California)

Dear Lord I pray that my cousin can become pregnant again, however this time Lord please allow her to carry the baby to full term and have at least one healthy baby. I pray to you Lord that you heal as many women who are not able to have kids to somehow become mothers if it be Your plans. If natural and all of science will not allow them to give birth then please guide them to become Super Mothers and adopt a child who is in need of a home or to become Extra Super Mothers by becoming a foster parent and giving these children love, support, and a safe loving home. Guide these people who so badly want to be parents and love children to the Foster to Adopt where children are being removed from parents that don’t love them or can’t take care of them. Some of these kids will just need love and family for a bit but others will need it forever. So please Lord if these moms can’t become moms on their own please lead them to become moms for these children especially the ones who will need the love and home of family forever. It’s so sad that women with big loving hearts can’t become parents & it’s even wore that we have all these kids that need love and family. Help these women who can not have a child on their own be a hero and a mother to these children needing families.


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