Prayer for my country Nigeria and the world.

by Peter (Lagos Nigeria)

Heavenly father, I am that I am, Jeova God everlasting king of kings I thank you for leading me here to pray for mankind.

Father, forgive me and my brothers and sisters all over the world. we have sinned and continously commit the sins of Sodom and Gomorrha, we are been cut off far from you because of our sinful despicable ways.

Please do not conderm us to the destruction of Sodom or the annihilation of Gomorrha, I use my self as a point of contact to pray and ask for forgiveness for all our despicable acts…Please forgive and heal us.

Daddy, I pray for your children that they not be consumed by the wickedness and ways of this world things are rapidly going into decline. i pray against all powers of terrorism in my country Nigeria, all forms of corruption, bad leadership and all evil acts committed by false teachings.

Please father expose fake prophets and teachers so billions are not lead astray. ..teach us to love our neighbours as ourselves in addition, bless the USA so that they can be a leading exemplary nation and morally upright nation to look up to…destroy all forms of principalities and power.
Finally heal this world, help us so we help the needy.
Thank you for answered prayer.


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  1. God's Help

    I to am praying for the world at large and thank you for your heartfelt prayer. My prayer is for people to open their hearts. Extend a hand to others and pray they do the same. We can all make a difference……one step at a time. God bless you.

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