Prayer for My Confused Husband

by Lacie (United States)

Dear Lord, I haven’t been a good daughter of Yours. I am ashamed that I am talking to You asking for help after all my sins. My husband says he doesn’t love me anymore and loves someone else. We have been married for almost ten years and are blessed with three beautiful kids.

He is contemplating on leaving us, his family. His parents have just separated and he thinks they just stuck together for the sake of them, their children. Now, he fears that he will have the same fate. Because of our misunderstandings and differences, he is questioning his own reason for staying in our marriage.

He fears that one day, he will wake up to find out that he just stayed with me because of the children.
Dear Lord, give him faith. Let him feel my love. Rescue him from the sin that hurts our family. I know he is hurting too. The guilt is killing him. Guide him to the right path. Take him away from this confusion. ignite the love that we had for each other.
I trust you Lord to touch his heart.

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