Prayer for My Complete Protection

Dear Lord,

I come to you in prayer for protection from entities that are big and powerful. I am just one person on a limited income and cannot afford any kind of interruptions in life. I live in complete and total fear each day and I know I need to place more trust in you that things will be alright.

I do know that you allow us to go through some things, for what reasons, I do not know rather it be bad or good. This one would be very very bad for me if I am allowed to go through this. I have made some extreme errors in judgement and do not want this to come back and bite me. I never know what I might find or who will appear to cause me great alarm which it would. I know you will not place more on us than what we can bear or handle, but, this will be too much for me if it were to happen. I ask you my Lord, to protect me from this and I pray it is YOUR WILL that I am spared of this.

I do not want to have to look back upon this but, only to move forward with my life. I do not know at what time I will be able to unless I have reached my retirement in two and one half years from now. I feel this worrying has caused me to lose joy in my life and there is so much on my plate to handle right now. I cannot keep being hurt by anymore problems. Please help me, Lord! I beg of you! Please do not forsake me! I need your guiding hand in all this. I praise you for all you have done for me and I continue to worship you always. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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