Prayer for My Child’s Health

by Lenora (Loveland, Colorado)

Please pray for my son Ian. And before I go much further, his 29TH birthday is December 22ND. In 2003 he received a heart transplant. And then in 2006 he went into chronic rejection and the doctors didn’t expect him to survive.

He was in the hospital almost the entire year except for a month. He went back into heart failure because of it. During one of the heart biopsies, the doctor snipped a hole in Ian’s tricuspid valve, which required him to undergo open heart surgery this year to replace the valve.

He still is not doing very well. He is home, but he is a prisoner of his own body. His right ventricle went into shock from the surgery and has not recovered. And in April of this year my son called me at work to tell me that some blood work that he had had done a few days prior came back positive for a blood infection.

And his doctor wanted him admitted ASAP. Or he would die. I was fired from my job when I left work to take my son to the hospital. I am my son’s only caretaker. And he has numerous medical appointments on a weekly basis.

I have been trying to find a job and take care of him. I am really worried about him, and our financial situation. I only have $85 in my account. And six bills waiting to be paid. I am just worried sick. We desperately need help.

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  1. I'm praying for you

    Sounds like you and your son have had and continue to have a tough road ahead. I just wanted you to know that this stranger(me) really cares and is praying for you both. Continue to be strong and know that God will take care of you.

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