Prayer for My Children’s Well-Being.

by Jennifer (Australia)

Dear Lord Jesus

thank you so much for blessing me with two beautiful children who bring so much joy into my life. Thank you for the time I get to spend with them and enjoy them each day as they learn and discover new things.

Please forgive me for the ill feeling I have towards their father. I ask you help me with my children to keep them in a Christ filled home and to learn your ways. You are with us in everything we go through and know what I have been through with their father.

I ask the truth will come out as their father and I are going through a care arrangement and put all my hope and trust in you knowing you have it all under control. It saddens me their father is being irresponsible and blatantly telling untruths to get his way. Lord Jesus he is so convincing to others and in the long term it will put the children at a disadvantage.

I know you have entrusted me with the care of these children so I ask I seek your will in this situation and all I do and ask I do the right thing by you. Please bless all of us and I know the truth will set us all free.

Thank you Lord Jesus and in your precious name I pray. Amen.