Prayer for my children’s and mine love and happiness and financial security and rebuilding of our family unit better then it ever was.

Dear Lord,

Please heal my family, and my self. Heal my husband from his infidelity and return him to his family and me his wife that loves him. We have been separated for too long. We can not pay our bills and I need a job. My children need their father and I would like my partner back.

Please remove the distractions and give to us all the ability to see the right path to follow. I have been battling with physical, emotional and psychological stress for so long I have lost my will to be happy. Help me and my family please. Lord please continue to look out for us and protect us and guide us to follow the correct path to make us whole and happy again.

Please Lord hear my prayers and cries. The son is not passing high school, the daughter can not got to college this semester because her transportation is broken down, I can not eat and look for work because of the crushing depression and loss I feel and loneliness that consumes me.

My husband has left me and us emotionally and physically for another woman who is 28 years younger than him. Lord please help us. I have even been on the edge of suicide over these events. Please help Lord.

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