Prayer for My Children

by Debbie (USA)

Dear Lord and Mary Mother of God,

Please bless my children and allow them to grow and change and heal and become loving, caring, responsible adults. Please guide the oldest in finding what he’s good at, learning to manage his money and may he find love again. Please continue to heal his back so that he may enjoy being active again. Please bless the youngest in her journey of life and may she always just be happy to be herself and maintain her glorious sense of humor. Please heal my middle child’s broken heart that she may trust again and find someone that truly can appreciate and love all of her. Please mend and heal her knee so she may continue doing what she loves. May she also find some peace in her worth and love herself. May she keep fighting her depression and anxiety and be happy and positive and realize she has so many people that will always love and support her. May all my children find peace, love, and balance and be happy while pursuing their dreams in life! Thank you Lord for all that you do for us. Amen

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