Prayer for my children

by Priscilla (Zimbabwe)

Lord you know and have experienced the heart rending pain of a mothers grief when her children are in any form of trouble or danger. You saw that agony and hurt in Mother Mary when she witnessed your severe torture on the cross of Calvary. Lord all mothers hurt just as deeply when their children go through any trials and tribulations. I bring before your Mercy Seat right this moment my sons ages 28 and 23. Have mercy on them Precious Lord. Cover them with your precious blood. Stop them/keep them free from alcohol or drug abuse, fornication, lying, cheating, deviousness and all evil under the sun. Satan is out there like a roaring lion targeting the youth today. Our chidren battle not against flesh and blood but against evil spirits in heavenly places. Save our children please Lord. Our children need jobs, they need marriage partners,they need homes of their own with children of their own just like you planned for life to be. Father save our children from the evil of this world. Guide them and keep them safely abiding under your wings. Parents, train up a child in the way that he should go! You will never be sorry because God!s way is the best and only way to a peaceful life Father forgive me for every area in which I as a single parent have failed my children and bless them both with faith in you, love for others, good health and prosperity. I pray these blessings too for all the children of the world. In your loving and living name Jesus I pray. Amen