Prayer for my children

by Rachel (Tn)

I need extra prayer for my children who are with their father for summer visitation. Things are so different there then what they are use too. We go to church and praise the Lord and they do not get to there. Their soon to be step mom makes it harder on them with pressuring them to call her mommy not only this but trying to be little me as their mother. With this being said I would like to pray for her also that she see what she is doing is wrong and is hurting my children. I pray for my childrens father also that he will also she what is going on is wrong, and they find the Lord. This I give to the Lord that he helps us out and we all can work together as a team to raise this children in the Lords name. I also need prayer for myself that I have the courage and strength to get through the days in till my children come home from their visit. It is so hard for me because I miss them so much.

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