Prayer for my children to be back in my life.

by Donna (USA)

Lord, God, I come before you with the heaviest of hearts, mourning the absence of my children who have chosen to be out of my life for a good while now. Lord, they have hearts that are heavy too, with confusion, pain and anger that are the ugly demons of divorce.

They see the problems I struggle with, the hurt, loss and depression, and it’s too much for them to handle, so they choose not to. Lord, comfort their aching souls. If there be any good to come from these sad circumstances it is that we would draw closer to you… I know that is why you allow suffering. Help me to remember your purposes, sweet Father, and please, Lord, help me continue to grow stronger and release me from this stronghold of despair so I can be who I need to be for your Kingdom, but for my children and myself as well. Lord, I want to be the woman you desire for me to be. Though divorce has broken the capable mother that I was, let your grace make me into an even better mother for the future. Lord, you know the almost unbearable pain of losing your children, and of seeing them hurt. You understand everything we go through… But you also know how faith, and strength, and hope, and perseverance can create in us the beautiful butterfly, the purest of gold, a ransomed heart. Help me to fix my eyes on the fruits, Lord, rather than the thorns. And please, dear God, don’t let it be much longer for me to embrace my babies, and for healing tears to pour like a waterfall. Restore us to our proper love, Lord, the love that forgives and bears all things. I love you, Holy Father. Amen

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