Prayer for my children, my boyfriend, and healing for my family

Please pray for my family in our time of struggle. We have had a rough year and as far as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel is far away. My two oldest children are struggling with how to forgive and just plain heal and I am at a loss on how to help them other than praying that God will reach their hearts.

My boyfriend(father of my youngest) is in rehab(by his own choice) as he is an alcoholic and is struggling with not being able to be with us yet knowing he is where he needs to be. I am see God working in his life and I continue to pray that God will help him finish the program and be strong enough to give his addiction to God. I currently am struggling as I feel helpless when it comes to helping my boys in their struggles and helpless in not being able to fully understand what my boyfriend is going through in his struggles with his addiction…all the while I am currently without a job and taking care of my youngest who had no clue what is going on or why his daddy isn’t here.

I know that God can work within my family and restore our home, but I feel like my praying alone is not enough. Please help me lift my family up in prayer.

Thank you,

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