Prayer for my children and family

by Mother (Zim)

Lord father I thank you for the gift of life , children and family. Lord I ask you to protect my children and husband in whatever they do may u be their guide, their counsel please. May u give them good health.

May you protect them from all evil even protect them against themselves. They they follow your works and the praise you. Lord as parents may you help us to train and nurture our children as we can them to be so thay they may not depart from such ways Lord. May we as parents groom children that will be a source pride , joy, happiness to us and all those they relate with. May they be God loving and fearing children, May u bless them to have the best of what their parents have gone through minus the worst that we have gone through. MAY U BLESS THEM WITH GROWING UP WITH THEIR PARENTS TOGETHER LORD.

May they be God loving and fearing children may they grow into responsible, hardworking, prosperous, wise, God fearing and Loving parents and grandparents.

Please Lord protect my children from abuse, may they grow up to be the children that bring glory and honour to YOUR NAME LORD.May our children not pay for our sins lord. I break all the convenants that were made bu our parents, grandparents, descendants with the devils