Prayer for my children

by Mary ()

Please pray that my children come home to live with me soon. This has been a nightmare for 5 years of a custody battle. I am not a criminal, drug addict, alcoholic, nor an abusive person. My ex-husband has more money and contrbututes to his re-election campaign. I am broken emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

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  1. Prayer for my children

    Mary, I will pray for you.. I went through a custody battle and after feeling defeated I settled. My children are being taught to hate me and have been for the last 5 years. Now that their father has them 65% of the time, the “Parental Alienation” is worse than ever. He turns every great memory and anything the kids and I do together into something horrible. We had an okay co-parenting relationship until last year, when I finally was able to afford a home of our own 30 minutes from where we use to rent. My ex found a girlfriend and she didn’t like that he and I for the most part got along and parented our kids together, even though we’d been divorced for 7 years. He got an expensive attorney and went to work on destroying me. I’m remarried (4years) now and we found out we were expecting, during the custody battle. I represented myself in court while pregnant and couldn’t hold in my emotions. After a temporary custody hearing ruled he have them and I only get three weekends a month, I decided to create a settlement, rather than continue to trial. I lost hope, that’s really what happened. “The Enemy” intimidated me. I wish I would have kept fighting and trusting God! Now everyday the pains worse and my ex doesn’t stick to our agreement, he’s turning the kids more and more against me. I pray for my children to return, that they’ll speak up and say, “Dad, stop talking about our Mom, stop pushing your new life on us, let us have equal time”.. something, anything. They’re so influenced by him and forced to choose sides. All I can do is trust in The Lord, continue to pray and hope, take care of what I can control, be faithful God,and show all four of my kids strength and forgiveness inspite of what their father may teach them. I make the most of what little time I have with them, I cherish every moment and hit my knees after they go to bed, where I pray for intercession from all the Saints and that my children become instruments of God!

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