Prayer for my child to release strong holds

Dear Lord I know you see and you know everything and you will put on us no more than we can bear.

Lord you know I having been praying and dealing with my daughter for years now and I haven’t once said why me but Lord you said in your word that you will never leave us or forsake us but Lord I need you to save and deliver my daughter change her thoughts, change her conversations the people she talks too give her a mind to want to serve you God.

I know the devil is using her to get to me with the lying and stealing because she has a good heart and these are just tricks of the enemy. Lord I’m trusting in you , you are my only hope I know you love her more than I do and you wants whats best for her.

Please God do it for your glory I’m trusting and believing in you. These and other blessings I thank you for in Jesus name Amen