Prayer For my career, for not my sake as much as my children and husband

by Amber (Kentucky)

Please help pray for my family and I. For we all have sacrificed through my journey through school. I have been denied seven times into RN clilincals throughout our moving with the ARMY the last seven years. I finally get in, and in my second semester I fail (a pass/fail) test, and now as required by the school must wait out a year before I can retake the 8 week course so that I may progress to the last two semesters, required to get my RN degree.

I have sacrificed so much, and feel I am hurting my family when they are my motivation and the reason I keep pushing. I don’t want my children see me give up on a dream/goal, but my heart is heavy, tired of failing, tired of them suffering now for the future. Prayers needed for another school option to come forth, or a true miracle for this current school to change their, what seem to be unfair ways.

I have felt my calling was to be a nurse since I was 8 years old. I am 26 now, and tired of becoming so close and never quite getting there, yet for me giving up is not an option. I don’t need easy, I just need reasonable, possible, in my life for once I would like to do things right the first go around. I know God wants me to be a nurse, but I do not understand the time it is taking, the reasoning.

I pray for a miracle that is needed so badly dealing with my passion/career. In Jesus name I pray please show me my next step on your path. AMEN

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